Dr. Phillip L Wiley was born in 1947, resided in Norfolk, Virginia, and graduated in 1966 from Maury High School in Norfolk. He was born again in 1953 and was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1969. He has been involved in Christian work since the age of fifteen. He was president of the Bible Club in high school and received training with Youth For Christ in 1964. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the United States Navy, during which time he was involved in the Vietnam conflict. He worked with the Executive Officer as Lay Chaplain on the U.S.S Mahan DLG-11. At the completion of his military enlistment in 1970, he served as Youth Pastor at Rock Church in Norfolk, Virginia. Then he and his wife, Sharlene, had the opportunity to travel across the United States, ministering in many different churches, prayer groups, and home fellowships. After a year of traveling, they moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, to continue their Christian training at Oakleigh Christian Retreats. In 1972 Dr. Wiley was ordained into the Christian ministry, and in 1982 he received an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from St. Paul’s Institute of Biblical Studies located in Sarasota, Florida.

        Dr. Phillip L. Wiley is Founder of Bread of Life Ministries and Senior Pastor of Bread of Life Church Central, an interdenominational, full-gospel, Christ-centered church which was established in 1974 in Lynchburg, Virginia. Bread of Life is know as a place of worship and praise. Dr. Wiley is also Bishop over a number of other Bread of Life churches under the Bread of Life Central or Bread of Life Network which is called Bread- Net.

        Dr. Wiley has traveled in the Orient and since 1979 has made nine missionary trips to India, where he has taught in conferences, leadership seminars, churches, homes, and even in remote mountain villages where he was the first white man ever seen. Since 1993 he has led four teams into Brazil, where there has been phenomenal response in dozens of cities, among pastors and leaders and many thousands of people, including several Marriage Conferences. Since June 1994, he has ministered in Ukraine on three mission trips using much of the School of the Bible material. Also since 1993, he has ministered in Paris, France a number of times.

        In 1976, Pastor Wiley was the Coordinator and Master of Ceremonies for two Jesus Jubilee events held in Central Virginia. Also in 1976, he initiated and continues to host a Pastors/ Leadership Fellowship for the Greater Lynchburg Area which brings pastors and leaders together from many different denominations. For three years he served as Advisor to the Lynchburg chapter of the Women’s Aglow Fellowship.

        In 1985, Dr. Phillip Wiley established the Bread of Life School of the Bible, which includes five levels of learning. Through these courses hundreds of students, primarily lay people, have been trained for the work of the ministry. The School of the Bible material is also being used in Germany, Uganda, Italy, France, and has been translated into Portuguese and Russian for use in Brazil and Ukraine.

        In 1988, Dr. Wiley was the Coordinator for the Washington for Jesus’88 for Lynchburg and seven surrounding counties. He was Co-Chairman for the Central Virginia March for Jesus held on May 23, 1992. He served on the Executive Board of the Central Virginia March for Jesus held on June 12, 1993, and was Chairman of the June 25, 1994 Central Virginia March for Jesus.

        For many years Dr. Wiley has been involved in numerous activities relating to local Campbell County schools and organizations. In 1986, he served on the Steering Committee to establish a Parent-Teacher Organization at Brookville Middle School, where his daughter attended. From 1987 to 1989 he served as President of the Parent-Teacher Organization at Brookville Middle School. He served all four years at Brookville High School, three of which he was the President of the PTO until 1994. He has served on a Citizens Task Force, in conjunction with the Campbell County School Board, to review and recommend goals which were implemented in the county schools. He served on a county wide Family Life Education committee which determined the curriculum to be implemented in the local school.

        Since 1988, Dr. Wiley has been actively involved in CADRE (Commonwealth Alliance for Drug Rehabilitation and Education), and has assisted the CADRE Action Committee for the Brookville area of Campbell County. He serves CADRE now as a local Pastor/Parent. In 1992, he completed training in “Youth Risk Prevention Strategies” initiated by the Virginia Department of Education.

        Dr. Wiley was awarded the Who’s Who Worldwide 1992/93 in the Platinum Edition.

        MISSIONS INTERNATIONAL—Our mandate is Psalm 2:8: Ask of Me and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession. Bread of Life Church is strongly committed to spreading the gospel of the kingdom of God throughout the world and fulfilling the Great Commission. Since 1979, the church has sponsored many mission outreaches to teach, disciple, and encourage Christians all over the world. Missions teams from the church have ministered in over 30 nations, including India, Ukraine, Brazil, France, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Africa, Grenada, Haiti, Barbados, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Portugal, Switzerland and Dubai, Abu Dhabi in UAE.

        And at the present time Bread of Life Network, also known as Bread-Net has thousands of pastor and churches around the world. Because of so many churches in the network, Dr. Wiley has been acknowledged as Bishop…

        As of 2012 Bishop Wiley has been going to India for 33 years. To Brazil for 19 years.

        From the beginning, the vision of Bread of Life Church has been to establish men and women of character and integrity through the teaching of God’s Word, through the power of the Holy Spirit, and through the person of Jesus Christ. Bread of Life’s directives are to declare that Jesus Christ is Lord and to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom of God to all the world. Our on-going vision is to raise up strong, mature, overcoming, victorious churches in these last days.

        Pastor Wiley is called as a teacher to the Body of Christ, and operates in Apostolic ministry whenever he travels. He brings a fresh, anointed perspective to the Word of God. His desire is that everyone taking the Bread of Life School of the Bible be equipped for the high calling and purpose of God in their lives.


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